Our Culture

Our Culture

To consistently innovate and to advance the success of our investors and clients with the quality of our products and services.
Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We believe in strict risk management to avoid drawdowns and to benefit from the superior power of return compounding.
Our Motivation

Our Motivation

At SAR we are driven by passion and dedication; being patient and disciplined, we work harder than most to achieve greater success.
Our Focus

Our Focus

To trade highly active and very liquid investment strategies with outstanding performance and an exceptional level of transparency.
Our Ethics

Our Ethics

To commit ourselves and live up to high standards of ethics and compliance.
Our Vision

Our Vision

To be one of the leading investment boutiques for active investment strategies in the field of scientific, research-driven, model-based, quantitative portfolio management.
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

To provide outstanding results and excellent added value with high quality, absolute return and Alpha generating investment solutions.


SAR wins Global Fund Award 2015 – Best Boutique Asset Manager, Switzerland

Systematic Absolute Return AG (SAR) is proud to recognize being an Award Winner in this year’s Corporate LiveWire 2015 Global Fund Awards program.

SAR was nominated and has won the award as Best Boutique Asset Manager, Switzerland



United Kingdom – 18 August 2015 – Today marks the highly anticipated publication of Corporate LiveWire’s 2015 Global Fund Awards Guide.

The Global Fund Awards is an international awards program sponsored by both Barclay Hedge and the IOM Fund Association.  These awards bring recognition of fund performance and service providers who support the industry to the fore.  Corporate LiveWire takes great pride in publishing its full list of winners and celebrating the success of these firms.

Leah Jones and Elizabeth Moore, Awards Directors of the 2015 Global Fund Award Winners Guide, are thrilled with the stature of this year’s winners. Commenting on the vigorous level of competition this year, Leah said:

“We were thrilled with the level of interest in this year’s Global Fund Awards. With such an exciting and growing industry we anticipated that the level of competition would be tough. Not only do the winning firms represent the pinnacle of success, but also continued hard work and dedication. We truly commend all winning firms and would like to wish them the very best of luck over the coming years”

The judging panel at Corporate LiveWire placed each shortlisted candidate under intense scrutiny, setting its sights firmly on uncovering only the most impressive performers over the past year. Each winner was chosen on merit and is set to play an important role in the funding industry for years to come…”

The guide including a full list of the winners can be found at: http://www.corporatelivewire.com/global-fund-awards.html – SAR is listed on page 63.

About Corporate LiveWire

Corporate LiveWire is brought to you by Fenice Media Ltd., a publishing house with an international presence. Fenice Media aims to offer a number of platforms for connecting its clients with an exclusive, global audience.  The core products offer daily-updated content along with regular magazine publications that can be viewed on all digital platforms.


Leah Jones/ Elizabeth Moore

Corporate LiveWire

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Leah [at] corporatelivewireawards [dot] com

Elizabeth [at] corporatelivewireawards [dot] com

New SAR Website Goes Live After Complete Overhaul

SAR has completely reworked its website to reflect the company´s strategy and brand repositioning as a leading independent asset manager with a systematic, quantitative and research driven investment philosophy and being a thought leader with its proprietary Adaptive Asset Allocation (AAA) approach, explaining and justifying the success of active investment strategies based on the emerging Adaptive Markets Hypothesis (AMH), introduced by Professor Andrew Lo of M.I.T.

SAR is successfully developing and implementing active, quantitative investment strategies with the objective of exploiting proven behavioral biases and generating attractive risk adjusted returns for investors.

You may want to subscribe to our newsletter or follow our research blog on discussions and the latest developments at SAR, its research and strategy/product development.

The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis

In 2005 Andrew Lo, professor at M.I.T presented his groundbreaking work on an improved asset pricing theory – the Adaptive Markets Hypothesis (AMH) – that takes into account behavioral, evolutionary, psychological and neuro-scientific findings of the past 5-10 years.

Official page of Andrew Lo, MIT and link to his initial paper “The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis – Market efficiency from an evolutionary perspective.”:





Adaptive Asset Allocation (AAA) – A Paradigm Shift

We believe Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is not wrong, it is mainly incomplete. Based on its development history, it has been designed with a limited – rational – conception of the human being, its behavior and decision making processes. Humans are not purely rational beings, they are rather emotional, which strongly influences their decision making. This presents a challenge to traditional – MPT based – finance theory and is a true paradigm shift.

The new world order in investing is a dynamic one. Markets and participants are driven by evolutionary forces such as competition, mutation, reproduction and natural selection. As a result markets are dynamic and context dependent. Convergence to an equilibrium is neither guaranteed nor predictable, behavioral biases abound.

This presents fertile ground for active and especially quantitative asset managers – SAR has developed its own proprietary Adaptive Asset Allocation (AAA) approach and is intensively working this ground to achieve the best results for its investors.